Full-automatic waste paper plastic baler

Full-automatic waste paper plastic baler

Hydraulic configurations:

Quick low-noise hydraulic circuit system of renewable oil,adopting the combination of high-quality,stable machine performance and reducing costs.


Electrical configurations:

Adopts PLC controls,which can simplify electrical circuit,reduce fault rate,inspect and correct easily and quickly.


Shear knife:

Adopts general scissors design of international standards,which can improve the cutting efficiency and extend the blade service life.


Bundling device:

Adopts the latest international bundling device,which can save wires,bind quickly,reduce the fault rate,clean and maintain easily.



The conveyor belt adopts the new PVC materials;it possesses many characteristics such as anti-aging and anti-corrosion,anti-slip,large transmission capacity,and high load capacity and so on.

 Free set of length,and record the number of packing bags accurately.

 Easy installation,simple foundation construction,and no need of the reinforcement of foundation.

Feeding method:conveyer belt feed.


Mainly used for the compression packing of loose materials,such as waste deckle edge,paper boxes,straw,rice straw and so on.

Product Origin: shandong
Model Number: WYQ
Brand Name: longshan
Port Qingdao port or Tianjin Port
MOQ one

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